Payment issue

Hello everyone I have been trying to purchase Cubase Artist but it shows this error message, “The payment has been refused by your bank. Your credit card will not be debited”. Well, I followed exactly what the error message said… I contacted my bank but they couldn’t help me, they check everything on my debit card and says it’s all OK. But the thing is despite being OK like they said, a problem is lurking somewhere which is making my payment to fail, and the unfortunate thing is that there’s another payment method accept credit/debit card. I have a PayPal account too, if I get that option I can pay and obtain the software but I don’t see that, I do many transactions every day with PayPal. Can anybody help me in changing the payment method? I want to pay via PayPal as because it seems impossible to pay via card. I am from India and my card is Visa Global supplied by the State Bank of India, and the sad thing is that we have one local dealer who sells Steinberg’s product but there also it’s out of stock. Kindly do the needful, I require Cubase (also there’s the offer going on) to make my personal studio function.

I’m having the same issue. My bank had put a temporary hold on my account, but even after having it lifted the Steinberg website still will not let me pay. I’ve never had this issue with other DAW’s, even from Germany.