I am looking to upgrade my (crap) soundcard with one of the MOTU interface products like the 2408mk3. I have noticed a lot of old posts on the web that seem to imply a lot of problems with MOTU and PC’s and WinXP. I would use it on a Dell Desktop 2.66MHZ Dual Core Pentium & 4GB RAM & Cubase 4.
What I want to know is if anyone out there has used MOTU interfaces on such a setup? How recently? Were there any problems?
I am hoping those problems that I saw were resolved long ago and that MOTU now works seamlessly with a PC like mine.

Motu drivers are fine for windows and have been for awhile.
cant say how well it would work with your lapotp.

+1 on MOTU and PC 3) 1224’s 2) Midi Express

MOTU’s soundcard drivers may be OK, but the drivers for my Micro Lite are appalling. It often isn’t “recognised” on boo up and drops out in the middle of sessions from time to time. It has also caused stuttering at times when I’m trying to record lots of MIDI data. MOTU thinks that because it can be “fixed” by unplugging and plugging in again that this is acceptable, and the case is closed. I just think it’s more of the same shoddy programming that MOTU has become famous for. Obviously their dreadful customer service is something that they are more famous for. If it wasn’t for VE Pro I would have ditched this interface, because I’m not about to re-load 24GB samples 3 or 4 times a day just because MOTU’s driver programmers are not up to scratch.


i did have some issues with the updated driver (not the newst released last month) on the ultralite with the full window versions of the fft and spectrum analysers causing stuttering but the latest driver release last month seems to have sorted those issues out .
before the ultralite hybrid i had an 828mk2 which gave up the ghost just on 3 years which i was totally pissed off about but since i was given a good deal on a replacement from the british distributor i stayed with motu and im glad i did ,i have not had any issues with the updated drivers and they seem to be working perfect on this little ulltalite hybrid mk3