PC Artitst Eucon Adapter not showing up in C5.5.2

I have the Eucon adapter license from steinberg. The Eucon Adapter is not showing up in the Cubase “device setup” page.

I have it working in Cubase 32bit only right now.
I am working closely with Euphonix tech support and I will post when I have more.

Currently Eucon Software is compatible with 32bit apps only.
This is from Euphonix support:
“64 bit apps aren’t supported with eucontrol.”
They did not mention when there would be 64 bit support.

After waiting 3 years I finally went a bought an MC MIx today, what an absolute mess trying to get it to work :frowning: really…either Steinberg or Euphonix should be ashamed of themselves, we’re talking about expensive hardware/software here and it’s just not working after a 3 YEAR WAIT FOR DRIVERS…

Maybe Cubase 6 will be a different matter but as I’ve spent all afternoon trying to get this to work with my current set up, I’m pretty P****d off :frowning:


well after another hour of reinstalling Cubase and then the euphonix drivers I’t finally sprung into life…I can honestly say that’s got to be one of the most difficult installs I ever done,and I’ve been building DAW’s and running a studio for over 10 years!!!

well onwards and upwards

looking forward to cubase 6 arriving next week


So it seems the re-install of Cubase is the key to get it working. same here.

the reinstall of cubase and the reinstall of the eucon software did it in the end :smiley:


I had no such issues with Nuendo 5.1 32bit. I just uninstalled the mc client (I was using the mac server workaround before) installed the new Win7 x64 driver and eucontrol package, and voilà - it is working better than ever!