PC BUILD RYZEN 3900X or i9 9900K

I am going to build a PC for mainly Music Production which will involve Orchestral Music Composing for Movies with Large VSTI and CPU intensive Plugins Like u-he stuffs and also For Mixing and Mastering .My Main DAW is Cubase Pro 10.5.
could you Plz Help me to choose

  1. The CPU AMD Ryzen 9 3900x or i9 9900K along with the CPU cooler

  2. As I am Working with Mainly 4K Video Footages from Sony A7iii i will be doing my video editing in 4k also which will incorporate Video Editing,Color correction and rendering.For my Video work i am working on Premiere Pro 2020.So what Budget graphics card should i choose now?

Your Guidance will be Very Helpful for me

I’d go for the 3950x over the 9900k. Or wait a few weeks until the new Intel CPU’s come out which will be faster and cheaper than the 9900K


ok.What type of vsti do you use Orchestral Stuff and how many tracks per session is it ok to handle?

not tested it fully yet but I use EW Play, Kontact and Halion.

If you’re going for full on orchestral things then you’ll probabaly need more than my 32 gig I use and go for 64 or 128. Some of the newer libs if you load all articulations/mic’s etc you can easily eat up 30-40GB or ram.

streaming tracks are different from audio tracks too so take that into account.

I said the 3950x over 3900 just because it’s the most powerful of that particular line of CPU’s and seems to work well.


I would check Scanproaudio.com for audio benchmarks (recently updated - check DAWbench tests), and I would check Pugetsystems.com for video benchmarks. For Puget go to “articles” and then on the left hand side you can filter by application. Then just browse for testing on GPUs. My hunch tells me that the current by far best value is the discontinued Radeon VII, but it is as I said discontinued and still around $500.

You should consider for video if you transcode to work off of proxies and how Premiere specifically does that if you need it - or if you want to work off of the 4k footage all the time.

Based on the latter consideration I would pay attention to the platforms you choose (AM4 for AMD and whatever it is for Intel) and look at storage and where you get higher performance and where you need it. My hunch tells me the 9900k + Nvidia will be your best overall bet, but I could see some edge cases where that’s not the case. For me for example getting a Radeon VII made sense, and if I was to upgrade today I’d move to a Threadripper - because I’ve started trying out Davinci Resolve which uses the CPU for code/decode of video and the GPU for any vfx. But Premiere is likely somewhat different…

I think you should carefully consider your budget, what your primary and secondary goals are, and what your workflows should be like.

hi, i’m a IT professionnal and i have chance to try some plateforms. So, for me, i bought in october AMD 3900x, 32 GB RAM, SSD, etc…looks great, but i still have pb of glitsh. My audio interface is a Presonus 1810c, but i have same problems with my old Akai Pro (i bought the presonus to try to solve that). I build another computer for my father, Intel i9-9900k. I use it for test with my SSD, exactly the same installation of system you know. And…no glitsh, no problem, no pb of latency, even the performance tool of cubase 10.5 or 11, give a few level of processor use. that’s not the same with AMD. After several months, i will buy an Intel plateform. I use essentially VSTi, a few audio track (Voices, guitar, bass).
Hope it can help you to make your choice.

I use the i9 9900k and it works like a dream. On a z390 ASUs mb Rog strix with 32gig mem and 1030 passive video card

For orchestral stuff defintely go with 64 bg Ram or above. Don’t forget you can disable tracks too. The way i work is I use a master template with everything in it, for auditioning, then import what I need into a virgin project using Import from Tracks function. There is no need for Vpro, disabling does the job just fine. I have a master with 2500 tracks and it loads quick and easy when disabled - less than 1 gig.
For orchestral advice check out VIcontrol .net