PC Crash and Questions

Hello all! Just got Cubase 8 reinstalled after a devastating occurance with my computer last Thursday. I tried to install 24gb RAM and it ruined my entire machine. I had to clear the CMOS and put the original RAM back in (8gb). I also had to make a backup of ALL of my files, I lost a lot of my own music I’ve been working on since 2003. It took about 50 hours of transferring files and reinstalling windows. I had to download Cubase 8 from this website, after 3 attempts to unzip it I finally got it downloaded! Talk about frustration!

A few things I’d like to know is when I installed, I did the 64bit version. Just wondered if anyone has had any problems with this particular version. I also want to know how I can record HALion and PadShop in the same rack and how to switch between the two with my TRITON Controller. For example, I want to record a sound from HALion on one track, and the track below it I want to record a sound from PadShop.

So far the program is running good and I’ve had no problems with it yet. I’ve been waiting to record with this software for a long time now and I am almost ready to start laying down tracks.

Thanks for all the help!