Pc formatted. Can't reactivate my license.

I’m at my wits end.

I have a Cubase elements 8 LE license i got with my Focusrite Scarlett. I had cubase installed and registered with the god-awful eLicenser. My harddrive decided to give up the ghost, so I replaced it, reinstalled all my programs. Now I can’t recover my license at all, because my previous eLicenser was not linked to my account, and apparently once the download activation code is linked to the old licenser I can’t use it again.

I was under the impression that my products are linked to my account, not to an application on my computer. I realize piracy is an issue but this is seriously inconvenient.

Is my license lost now?
Can Steinberg deactivate my old eLicenser and link my new one via my download activation code?

Any help is much appreciated.

The easily googled instructions for this cover how to register to your account using the original activation and then request a new code to activate to your new system.


Specifically this bit: “How can I request a new activation code resp. what is the procedure for a reactivation?”

Much appreciated.

Worked! Turns out I kept missing a step. Thanks a ton!