PC hardware advice for stable Cubase experience with RME Fireface UFX

Hi guys. I’ve been a Cubase user for over a decade now (I started with Cubase SX but my brother was using Cubase back to version 1.5 and I learned on his software) and unfortunately have never had a very stable experience. Cubase crashes all the time. This happened on Windows 7 with version 6, 7, 7.5, 8 (this was the worst so far for me) and now 9 on Windows 10 (crashed within 5 minutes). Back in the Cubase 5 days I felt like it was a bit more stable, but since version 7 I’ve had a ton of problems over 3 different PC builds.

Most recently I tried a Ryzen 1800X on an ASRock Killer SLI mobo setup. Seagate 1TB O/S SSD and 4TB HDD for library. 32GB Crucial RAM. 1080TI GPU. The build cost over $2,500. AAAAAND it crashes constantly so I’m going to start over.

Any ideas for a stable PC build (or maybe it is time I finally switch to Mac?) would be helpful. I’ve always had whatever the best possible GPU is (this build has a 1080ti) so I wonder if these powerful GPUs could be causing some sort of stability issues with the build since they are so resource intensive.

I have used RME hardware since their first PCI cards and have demoed many other interfaces which experienced even more crashes and problems with Cubase.

My budget is limitless for a stable build, including getting rid of the RME Fireface UFX if that could be part of the problem.

Whatever your problem… it surely isn’t the UFX! I have a UFX, and it is never a problem, and RME is also known for having the most stable drivers in the business.

My current system (listed in my sig) has been rock solid, but Cubase has not… especially Cubase 9.0.20.

This version compared to earlier versions is a resource hog, and when left open for a few hours, has crashed sending horribly loud distortion through my monitors… that has never happened before, and I’ve been using Cubase since version 4.

I know you know this, but If your system is crashing without Cubase running… you probably have a computer issue, but if your system only crashes while running Cubase… :bulb:

That said… I don’t have many issues with Cubase other then what was stated, but I also don’t consider myself a power user. I’m sure I could possibly tweak, or overclock to get better performance, but if it ain’t broke…

Just sayin!

I agree with MoPro. I have Win10 and RME Fireface UFX too. In my experience, RME is rock solid in all departments. My RAM and SSD are similar to yours. And yes, if it crashes without Cubase involved then the problem must lie elsewhere. Perhaps a bad hardware component such as the power supply, or an incorrect driver, an outdated BIOS, two devices in a race condition, or something else that’s basic.

I can’t remember the last time Cubase crashed on me, especially since I got rid of the last 32-bit plugins. I also find RME to be the most stable drivers ever – I use a RayDAT and just vary the ADAT-attached analog bits.

The first thing I do with every new PC build is run memtest86 overnight (the free edition is fine for this). If there’s an issue with the hardware this will find it real quick.

Over the years a lot of people seem to have had problems with graphics card drivers, especially gamer cards, and in particular Nvidia. You don’t need anything more than, say, the builtin Intel graphics for Cubase. In my opinion a choice has to be made as to whether the PC is for gaming or for audio.

Check out my signature, this configuration, not latest and greatest but plenty of grunt, has been solid for me. Also echoing the previous poster regarding the graphics card, mine is a relatively cheap fanless/silent which is fine for a DAW (no issues here) but obviously not for gaming.

RME user here too, since the DIGI/96 PST card, absolutely no complaints whatsoever!

Good luck,