Pc Hardware does matter for better performance

Performance does matter

Hello everyone,
Would like to share some of the testing that I’ve done to get my hardware running stable with zero issues regardless of numbers of plug-ins I use in my projects or the number of softsynths needed while I’m composing. It took me a while to figure things out. I do have good knowledge about pc builds and components but Its never enough when it comes to learning and troubleshooting.
On a side note, I also ran into issues and opened a few threads on the forum for help. I quickly realized how good some of you are at troubleshooting and really helpful :pray:.
So guys bare with me for a moment.
I did Overclock my build. I did it wisely and safely with no issues. Let me explain.
I reached out to MSI tech and watched many tutorials. I have to admit before reaching out to MSI, my PC experienced several crashes and “YES” Windows got corrupted from the OC several times from being unstable.
“Warning” this is not for everyone and do not attemp to overclock a pc if you have never tried it before.

Hardware Components:
RME Babyface pro FS
AMD 5950x 16 core / 32 Threads default Core speeds @ 3.4ghz
MSI X570s Motherboard (did test B550)
RTX 4090 graphics card (video editing)
32GB RAM 3600mhz CL14 1.45v stock
NVme SSD drive Samsung 980 pro and 970 evo
1200W Corsair platinum rated power supply
Noctua NH-D15 air cooler 2 fans
3 x 140mm fans and 1 x 120mm fan.
Fan noise levels rated @ 26db max
Noctua external fan controller.
( not connected on the motherboard)
Windows 10 pro
(Power scheme using high performance )
OC ***Running All Core @ 4.4Ghz
Minimal Vcore increase @ 1.220v

Bios settings
-C-State disabled
-Performance enhancement disabled
-Onboard audio disabled
-Bluetooth disabled
-USB power ON while shutdown disabled.
-Lights while running disabled.

Idle temp between 29c to 32c
Max temp 69c to 75c
**Stable, Solid and running with no crashes. **I mean 0 crashes while working on a project.

-Cubase 12 pro
VST list
Serum, nerve, Reason 12 , Play beat 3 ,
Waves collection, Fabfilter bundle, Soundtoys bundle, Korg Collection, NI Massive, Substance, Ujam Collection beat player, Valhalla Verb, Ozone Bundle, Splice.

I find the X570s chipset great for music production even if some say they prefer the B550 chipset.
the 5950x processor does a great job.
Low latency RAM CL14 is probably a good choice for AMD as well.

LatencyMon passed.
I was pleasantly surprised when I upgraded my older rtx 3060 to the newer 4 series :slight_smile:
CinebenchR23 score : 29 586

If anyone has questions about my build feel free to message me.
Take care