PC Issues Require Fast Backup... Possibly


I am new to this forum but have been working in cubase for quite a while.
Enough time to amass a fair amount of projects I’d like to finish.
Recently I began backing up my projects using the make back up file,

Should have done it as I went along but we live and learn.
My PC runs windows 8, I work with cubase elements 7.
Suddenly from nowhere, my PC keyboard stopped working, desktop icons
Started flickering super fast and Google chrome opened multiple times
Without being prompted. Uninstalling chrome prompted internet explorer
To open persistently…
Shortening the tale, I disabled the internet and am now nowhere near
A solution.

Now I just want to find out if there is a global function in cubase elements 7,
To back up ALL projects at once?
Windows 8 file history could work but I want to ensure all the projects plugins
And fine details are restorable…
To be fair the mouse still works but who knows for how long…

Anyhoo, maybe a little assistance is in order.
Many thanks in advance for any positive response!
Freak in out man!!!

Have you restarted the computer? (maybe with keyboard and mouse unplugged?)

Restarted yeah, unplugged both but plugged back in for the start up.
To be fair, I am OK with PC until this kind of stuff, then I get lost…
Without sounding weak, how do I know problem solved without them plugged in?


The problem will be gone.

And to answer your question about backing up, you can drag the Cubase Projects folder to a USB flash drive, or similar, if you are able to operate the computer…

Checked drivers for keyboard and apparently up to date.
Avg and firewall detect no threats.
Keyboard can check temp files, go to run, and MSC…
Very strange.

Mouse works so will just back up projects one by one I guess, then if new keyboard does
not do the trick may format, reinstall windows etc…

Bummer eh?

I suppose I could drag them but didn’t know I could do that…
Will that keep all automation, settings etc? Figured back up was only solid way.
Dude that works then you are awesome, Godlike style being…

Yeah problem persists… Flickering icons stopped, keyboard stops working in windows and if
I plug Ethernet in, internet explorer opens automatically, chrome is now deleted


Still dragging folders. That may be solution.
Thanks loads!!

Hi all

I had to do emergency backup of folders for PCs repair.
I’ve made backup project within cubase of most important stuff but have other work I really want to save, but can’t get into cubase because clicking on any folder just shows the properties (size of file etc…)
Therefore I have had to copy entire cubase projects folders (with images, edits, audio, cpr files for each individual project).
Also copied all cubase stuff and plug ins from both the x86 and x64 program files folders etc.
Will this be an adequate back up? Or will cubase struggle to locate files or some other inforseen troubles?

Many thanks in advance for all help, many thanks indeed…