PC Monitor Question

I just got a new pair of 24" Viewsonic Monitors (PC Win. 10). They are identical to a pair I purchased for my wife’s office, last year, EXCEPT, when I scroll down on any text from any source, I get a red ghosting image of the text for as long as its in motion. As soon as it stops, the text goes back to black. I’ve never seen that before. Is there something I need to set in the display settings to stop this, or are these monitors defective? :question:

Have you updated the video driver in your machine? Most monitors also have a factory reset option, try that too.

Yeah, I tried that and I adjusted everything I can think of (Brightness, Contrast, Hue, etc) via the software. But, so far, no change. :frowning:

I have the same problem with LG 19M37A Monitor.
I have updated all the drivers but still not working well
Have you found any solution?

I returned them a week after purchase.