[PC] Need clarification on where C7 looks for plug-ins

When upgrading I went from C6-32 to C7-64. In Windows plugins for C6 are stored in
C:\program files (x86)…VSTPlugins, which is the folder for 32-bit apps. And C7 stores plugs in
C:\program files…VSTPlugins, the 64-bit app folder. My impression is that C7-64 will only look for dll’s in the 64-bit folder and not the 32. However I’m having a VSTi show up in C7 that only has a dll in the 32-bit folder. Is C7 looking in both the 64 and 32 bit locations. And if so, can I stop it from doing that. I want to keep my C6-32 available to be able to use plugs that C7 dislikes, so just renaming/deleting things is not desirable. Oddly other dll’s only in the 32 bit folder are not appearing in C7.

Maybe it is the inbuilt bit-bridge technology in Cubase.

You can set the used locations for vst2 plugs,

devices>plug-in information

If it’s a vst3 plugin, I don’t believe you can not find it but you can set it inactive in that same window

as Raggedyjack said , you can choose in the plugin info what folders you want searched and added and even deactivate individual plugin’s so the do not show up in the menu ,ie i have deactivated the uad demo plugin’s so they do not show up in the plugin menu .


thanks guys for the answer and this bonus hint. I hate seeing all the UAD plugs I don’t own.