PC NUENDO 7 : best power + silent

Hi ! I have to buy my new PC to my studio and I’d want the best perform and silent configuration to quit “Logic” :

  • NUENDO 7 : willl be 95 % of my job
  • some time After Effects (2D seulement) to correct customers video editing.
  • Use : record voices and musics, compose and mix films and advertising videos. (so, not for gaming)

My Sound Card is a Primsound Lyra 2 (usb) that I’m vey happy + Dangerous Music Source.

So, I can 15000 euros for my new PC, that inclue a NAS (24To) … for the Best silent and power possible !
I have to buy the following components, but I don’t know what are the best :

  • NUENDO 7

  • Xeon (x 2 ?) or i7-5960x or 6700 k ?

  • MOBO : ASUS but what is the best ? (with ideally USB 3.1)

  • Graphic card : Quadro ou Titan ? (4k and silent one with lot’s ram)

  • RAM ? ideally -> fast 64Go ou 128 Go de Ram : what model of DDR4 RAM ?

  • HD : 4 internal SSD (Samsung PRO 1TB or 2TB for System + 3 others Samsung PRO for datas)

  • Blu-Ray,

  • Wifi.

  • Windows 10 pro ou 8.1 pro ?

  • PSU fanless + 1000W : ?

  • Watercooling ?

  • Fractal Design R5 or there is better than this model ? (mid ou large tower : I have some place under my Argosy desk) )

  • Sreen 4K Philipps 40" LED - BDM4065UC : Full 4K.

  • NAS : only use to store all the rushes and banks Sound Design (only storage … but that very large files ) .

  • Inverter : what model (silent and enough powered) ?

So, all this components, I have 15000 euros.
Thanks a lot in advance for your advices.

I called + emailed Steinberg support but nobody to inform on the hardware configuration to buid a serious perform PC with Nuendo. And of course, the best silent as possible. I’d want to know if “NUENDO prefer” XEON, or i7 ? with the best Mobo …etc … Thanks in advance for your help.

If I had 15000 euros I would contact a professional music computer builder, tell him/her what I need and be done with it :slight_smile: .

Thnaks for your reply, but I’m looking for specific components and I’m believed that a such topic could help others pro users. It seems that Steinberg don’t have manyconsiderations about us customers. ;(

Nuendo is otimized with XEON or core i7 ?