Pc or Mac for music production

I am using a PC for music production my whole life but I am also very excited about Apple-hardware and software.
Because my PC needs to be upgraded or replaced I am seriously considering an Apple iMac.

Most of the time I am producing Electronic Dance Music or Pop music recording vocals, guitarplay and lots of VST instruments. Cubase 8 Pro, Nexus 2, East West Symphonic Orchestra, Voices of Pasion, Choirs, Omnisphere, Sylenth 1, FX Pansion Geist are synths I use in my productions. I use a lot of resources for my tracks, like 40 channels is very common.

First of all, how is the performance doing on a Mac. When I look at the Apple Store even the highest iMac doesn’t have a i7 processor.

What Apple-computer would you recommend?

Seen the price differences in Apple or PC, what would you buy?


You get more bang for your buck with a PC and it is easier to upgrade hardware. I will be upgrading my computer memory to 64 GB within the next 2 weeks. I can choose from different vendors, different suppliers etc. That option is fairly limited when having an Apple. If you would like to go for the Apple aesthetics than you could spend some money on a realy nice computer cabinett, e.g. Bitfenix http://www.bitfenix.com/global/en/products/chassis/prodigy-m/ makes really nice cases.

But if you have money to spend and feel that you need to have Apple because it makes you feel more professional, go ahead. I rather spend the money I save on new plugins.

Good luck.

Thx! I agree with you.

What audio interface external is good with latency and vst-instruments.

They are known for best drivers in the industry for something like 15 years now.

Thanks for your messages.

I have bought an Intel i7 4970K 4.0 GHz processor, 16GB DDR3 1600MHz memory, a Gigabyte Z79 motherboard, SSD 250 GB Samsung. Works awesome.

Looks to me that you have assembled a great system with plenty of juice to keep you going for year. If you have money left add a big (> 1TB) regular harddisc in your computer for your projects, the place where you store your recorded audio.

Make sure to back-up your projects to an external back-up drive.

Good luck.