PC Performance Issues - Audio Issues in Dual Head

First post! Sucks that its an issue!

Did a little searching before I posted, nothing identical to my issue. I’m running a Dell Precision Workstation 380, Win7 Pro, 3ghz P4, 4GB RAM. Just upgraded to Crucial M4 SSD’s for both OS and working drive (65GB and 256GB), reinstalled Windows, and bought Cubase 6.5. My video card is an ATI FireGL V3100. System settings are all for perfomance, no visual enahancements and paging file is set to 5400MB on the data drive.

I’m having issues with audio playback whenever Cubase is run on both monitors. I get audio clicking and “stumbling” on playback whenever Cybase is on dual monitors, or I am doing something else on the computer.

My WIndows Experience Index, for whatever it’s worth, is 3.0 because of the video card. Acording to ATI, it is not officially supported under Win7, so I’m thinking I should replace it.

Anything else I should look at before I buy another card? Already in quite a bit of $$$ for a hobby.


Make sure you use a low latency audio device with an appropriate ASIO driver.
But don’t expect too much from your Dell sytem, it’s pretty lightweight.

You bought Cubase 6.5 for a hobby!? Takes about three years just to learn to get the basics running smoothly. It’s serious kit. You’d have been better off with Reaper or even Sequel at a fifth the price. They at least would have let you down easy.
Cubase 5 on is also optimised for Windows 7 and i7 type computers.
New computer and soundcard and pref not a laptop.
Sorry about all the bad news.
Someone will tell you it will run but they won’t mention the problems that they keep posting in with.

Win7 Pro on a PIV running C6.5 is going to hurt, regardless of the SSD’s

A 3.0 in the rating is very low, I would certainly suggest getting a new video card.

The first post is mine. I’ve been locked out since then and finally had to delete my forum profile and recreate it. Wouldn’t let me past the captcha thing!

Yes, Cubase for my music hobby, let me just say that I’ve been using Cubase for about 13 years now, so I have some experience with it. This was an upgrade from SE 1.07, bout time!!! I have a basement studio but quit recording bands etc for now. Bringing strangers into the house now that I have kids is someting I’m not comfortable with. Was good fun back in the single days!

It’s not looking good for the computer, I didn’t realize how lightweight it is for recording app. I will try another video card and if that doesn’t help, I will be sticking to one monitor til I can justify a new computer.

I’m using firepods with the latest drivers for my ASIO. Cubase shows my device latency around 4ms.

Overall loving the new functionality!

you’ll know then that upping your latency will help.

Didn’t think of that. I do use the channel monitor quite a bit so I’ve always tried to keep it at the lowest setting.

And excuse my newbness to the board, just found the configuring your windows OS for DAW :smiley: Will runthrough that this weekend!

Like Split suggested, you can unstress your CPU by increasing the buffer size and thereby of course increasing the latency.

I doubt you’ll gain a lot of performance audio-wise by replacing the video card. The Windows Aero score isn’t really relevant unless you activated Aero. Which I would not advice because your graphic card most likely doesn’t support WDDM 1.1, so your CPU will have to calculate the Aero visuals. And you lose that processing power for audio calculations. My advice would be to run Windows with its oldskool visual scheme, with every fancy thing turned off.
If you decide to upgrade the graphic card, keep in mind your options are limited due to the 375 watts stock PSU, if you haven’t upgraded that one yet.

Just recording a few audio tracks on 44.1khz or 48khz shouldn’t be a problem on this system. But when you start using VST’s or VSTi’s, the 6 year old CPU will definitely be the limiting factor, no matter what graphic card or SSD is installed.

I ran through the Win7 reccomended settings for DAW article on here. I also upgraded the video card to an nvidia that supports WDDM, mine was too old and the ATI did not reccomend installing their driver under Win7.

Between the windows settings, BIOS settings and adjusting the latency, it is running well enough that I can use it. I just have a small project studio in the basement, I can live with it the occasional hiccup when playing tracks back and adjusting effects/EQ. Annoying? Yes, but I don’t do this for a living.

Bottom line is I should’ve done more homework before upgrading. This is the same computer I got to run 1.07, that ran really well on it so I never considered it to be a problem for 6.5.