PC project filenames translates "wrong" by Nuendo on mac

I’m sure this have been covered, but the search words are to common to make a good search…

When opening PC projects on my mac, I get missing files when filenames have non-english characters (swedish). The files themselves have the correct name in finder but Nuendo opens the “foreign” project with an incorrect character substitution and therefore can’t find the file. In some projects there are hundres of small files which take forever to replace one by one.

Is there a solution to this? (other than not using non-english characters in the first place) I have tons of old project from my PC-days that i would love to be able to open.

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Ok, I found a backwards solution that seem to work.

I batch rename all the files in the audio folder and replace the characters to what Nuendo expects to see. Not the most elegant solution, but at least the project opens and finds all files.

In Nuendo its easy correct the channel names with a macro. Audio files will still have garbled names though.

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That’s strange, because Steinberg is using Unicode throughout the application.
I know for a fact that Nuendo is used in many Middle-East Countries, because you can import/export Arabic written text.

Now, it might be that Unicode doesn’t apply for audio file names, not sure about that though.
Probably Erik from Filmlance will join in, he knows all about Swedish filenames.


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The PC projects are Nuendo 4.3 and older. I was really fond of that version for some reason.


Svenska tecken fungerar fint för oss. Mac dock.

Swedish letters works fine for us when working locally, but we are mac only.
As long as it’s Unicode it should always work.

We do get these issues with any files that are transferred through our secure Accsyn server solution. And it sucks. This means we have to zip projects to transfer OR be super diligent of no localised characters in the filnames (metadata is ok though).

We have to use Accsyn as it’s approved security wise by HBO and Netflix.

What do you store your files on? Perhaps if it’s on a not optimally configured windows or Linux server?

But in our case it’s really a file protocol issue, not a Nuendo issue.

If it does work renaming, then really you should rename it all using something like Soundminer or if you have someone that is good at scripting (I’m not). To make sure the filenames are formatted in Unicode.

Is there a difference between linking imported files and copying?

As i said the filenames are correct. The problem is how Nuendo opens the (old?)PC files, where åäö gets replaced by ‰ˆ both in the pool( and events) and in channel names.

When i substitute the åäö in the (correctly named) filenames to the corresponding symbols , Nuendo finds the files. But then i have to live with the “ugly” filenames. (I tried the app Renamer which worked well and was easy to make a batch job in.)

Much faster than manually finding every file and re-link. But it’s not super-elegant. I would prefer if Nuendo made the correct translation from the get go of course.

What do you mean with:


That might be the problem, because I seem to remember that Steinberg has re-written to Unicode later than Version 4.x.
Not sure about that though …


One of the reasons why I strongly advice co-workers, assistants and students to religiously avoid any “exotic” letters, esp. German “Umlaut”, French “accents” etc., but also signs other than plus, minus and underline. Things will go wrong otherwise, most notably when switching OS platforms.

Yes, but working on lyrically intense material in “exotic” languages quickly becomes very unintuitive. Esp working closely with vocal performers bringing files in and out of the studio. At least from now on with unicode, it works and works well. With the application and OS running 64 bits I hope we finally can trust the application to save text strings in more than 7-bits. After all, it’s just a tool. It should adjust to the user/usage not the the other way around. :sunglasses:

I’m happy that i found a batch-able work around for my old projects though. (The other would be to get a PC with a newer OS/Nuendo and re-save projects there to make them unicode.)

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