PC Recommendations

Hi, I need to build my Nuendo Machine.

I will use Blackmagic for Video Monitoring.

Can u guys recommend me which MoBo will work best with version 5?
I know Intel Boards and BlackMagic aint such good friends… what about Asus/Gigabyte?


since when is intel and BM not friends? it varies from board to board not manufacturer to manufacturer…

you need to figure out how much power you need first.
EG Ivy bridge (budget) or Sandy E more money and more powerful.

tracking/editing or are you doiong heavy sampling (composing)

Intel boards where incompatible for a while (or shell we say; BM wasn’t…), ever since the iCore…
And the best place to acknowledge this is by going to BM support website:
U can see that the latest Intel boards are, well, discontinued…
I would be glad to be proven wrong, because I think much of Intel boards. They are reliable,
Fast, and not to fancy.

But Until then,
How about the Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH? is it compatible with Nuendo 5?
The main usage will be for post production commercials and features, and video monitoring
Will be via Blackmagic IntensityPro/Shuttle. Sound Card is FireFace FW version.