PC replacement

Hello. I’m going to change the PC and I wonder if I should uninstall the Cubase and Dorico programs first to continue maintaining the possibility of using it on two computers at the same time. I’m not very versed in these matters, but I suppose that the system will have to be indicated in some way that the programs are uninstalled from the old PC. I currently have them installed on the PC that I am going to change, and on a laptop, and if I don’t delete it on the PC, I suppose that the system will count on the fact that I have it installed on the old PC and will not let me install it on the new one. I don’t know if the limitation is at the installation level on a maximum of two computers, or it is at the level of use on a maximum of two computers.

Thanks in advance.

Licenses are independent from installations. You only need to deactivate your license, or simply move the USB key to the new computer, whichever is the case for you. (you say nothing about versions )

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The versions are Cubse 12 pro and Dorico 4 pro. I guess I’ll have to deactivate the licenses, but where do I do it? in the link you sent me? I have to say what operating system has the PC that I am going to change? I also have the 10.5 Pro and 11 Pro versions. For these two versions, is it worth changing the USB key to the new PC?

Thank you

Please read the support website about this yourself, it’s in your language. . Creativity First: pasión que inspira | Steinberg

Ok. Gracias

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