Pc spec to rival/copy new Mac Pro 2013

Hi guys,

Haven’t found anyone trying to do this on the net yet… But has anyone here dreamed up a component spec that would give the Mac Pro 2013 a run for its money ?

I see my uad-quad cards will not be compatible which really sucks… So I’m thinking about jumping back to a pc build. Had issues on my last build with dpc latency that couldn’t be tracked down and had to abandon it so am wary about a pc build again at the same time!

Any thoughts on spec


see next post.

i decided to have a go at virtually building a pc to rival/copy the stock 2013 mac pro 6-core. i came up with the following:

intel xeon e5-1660v2 6 core 3.7ghz 15mb cache processor,
asus sabertooth x79 socket 2011 motherboard,
crucial 16gb ddr3 1866mhz ballistix tactical memory,
gainward gtx 770 phantom 4gb graphics card,
asus rog raidr express 240gb pcie ssd,
corsair ax760 power supply unit.

todays cost: £1838.98 (not including case, cpu cooler, dvdrw, wifi, bluetooth and thunderbolt).

you could swap the motherboard i’ve listed for an asus x79 deluxe which would give you dual gigabit ethernet connections, wifi, bluetooth and more usb 3.0 ports but this would cost a little extra. i could not find a suitable motherboard with thunderbolt connectivity at the moment.


Consider that the new MacPro comes with monster GPU’s that you (or any other musician/sound engineer) don’t need. It’s a machine designed for 4k video editing, it would be the mother of all exercises in sheer waste to use it for audio.

You can build a PC that matches or exceeds (16-core not available on the MacPro) the MacPro for 1/3 of the price. Of course it will not have the same graphic performance but, once again, you don’t need it.

So I’m unclear what the conclusion was. Did you build this machine? If so how did it perform

I agree we don’t need the graphics but can you spec such a system and if so how would it compare in price and performance?