PC Specification

What PC specification would you recommend for doing big projects with Cubase 8 ?

I’m interested in details for motherboards and chipsets that excel with real-time processing / audio processing.

How much RAM would you recommend - what speed/spec/brand ?

What processors brand, models, and processor speeds?

What audio interface (sub £500 GBP)

This charts would give u a indication. If u look up the proccesor at arc.intel u will see wich chipset it uses.

If u not on a budget than 2x xeon 22 core would give u the most perfomance.
That is on a single system of course. ALternatly u could slave more computers up and divide the workload.
U could buy cheap workstations like the Z800 or z8200 and expand if u like to stay on a single sytem and u are on a budget.
For slaves u could buy 1u servers 2x x56xx xeons for under 400 dollar or even 200 dollar.

More Ram in a system would benefit if u use a lot of samplers, Ram is cheap and u can expand in time so i would advice u to begin with 8 or 16 gyg and expand if more needed.

Basically there are only 2 brands for windows based computers AMD and Intel. I woulndt recomend Amd.
For the intels u got consumer procs like i7 and server/workstaion procs like xeons. The xeons give u options like putting more processors on 1 board like up to 4 and even 8 with server solutions 7088B-TR4FT | 7U | SuperServer | Products | Super Micro Computer, Inc.
Of course u could put enormous amounts of ram on it to.
I personally like to use older workstations and upgrade to newer when they drop in price.

For the audio interface i would recomend an RME pci-e card course it gives me the best latency.
But your’e audio interface choice depends on what you do with youre music. If u are playing only softsynts and samplers from yor DAW u dont need a multichannel audio interface. Latency would not be a problem.

Bare in mind that there is no real time processing if u use Cubase with a computer. Even a life digital mixer aint realtime.
If u use analog inputs u gonna have latency A RME pci-e card would give u the lowest latency and stays in your budget.
Still if u record lets say a guitar and after that a basguitar and after that you only play the recordings back u could be good with a simple usb audio interface like the Behringer UMC range. For better latency u can use a Behringer firepower FCA 16/16 for even better latency and still cheap. With this interface u could buy a cheap yamaha 01v and use the dsp of the yamaha for eq, dynamics and effects in almost realtime to unload youre cpu.