PC Thunderbolt MOTU16a and no audio input

After quite a bit of configuring I finally got my asus Thunderbolt ex3 card to work with the z390-a mobo so i can connect my MOTU 16a to the computer. It starts out fine but after a few minutes i loose audio inputs. The outputs are fine. I see input in the interface routed to the computer but no input in cubase. If i reboot the PC same thing works for a few minutes then no input but output always works. Also if i connect via USB everything is fine. I also get input into other programs so it is just cubase and wavelab that loose the input. Any Thoughts

Thanks LBC

A thought…
Maybe there is a setting in the Windows power section that is set to shut down the thunderbolt connection after a few minutes.

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Thanks for your thought I did check that. I’m on my 2nd ex3 card first one was bad but bios settings may be off do to trying to get it working not knowing he card was bad

Good point… I forgot about BIOS settings.

Let us know if it was something in the BIOS. Thanks.

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