PC to Apple: PARTIAL Migration Questions

I’m a PC guy. I have never owned anything by Apple (save iTunes). But I am now migrating into Apple gear. My next phone will be an iPhone 8 and an iPad, which I am buying to run the PT App and the Cubase App (now that Steinberg has dropped PC Support). With this in mind, I have 2 questions.

1) Which iPad should I get to run the PT App? I’m assuming I should get a model that will fit comfortably in The Dock, should I decide to switch from the MC Control in the future. But I don’t know anything about these tablets. Can I get away with buying a used one or should I get the latest possible model? What kind of specs do I need? Do I want the most powerful or is there some middle ground where I can be comfortable for years to com. I don’t expect to have anything on it except for the DAW related apps and plugs. So, all of the resources will be to that end.

2) Will the PT or Cubase Apps “fight” with the MC Control, or will I be able to jump back and forth between them using each to their best strength? I just got used to the MC and I’m not interested in going from 4 faders down to 1 on the Dock. In fact, I’d only be interested in getting the Dock if I were moving over to an S3 and I don’t expect any interest there until I can link 2 of them for a 32 fader setup. Since that’s not an option, I’d like to know what I could expect working with the Apps along side of the MC.

Thanks for any advice you guys can offer. :wink: