pc to mac licence issue

I am new to this forum so kindly forgive any mistakes

I bought Cubase 4 , Wave lab 5 + PC upgrade to WL 6, and Groove Agent 3 a couple of years ago, and have just registered them and the USB licence key on line.

My problem: The PC used for the original install completely died and is not retrievable.

I would like to upgrade/install all 3 products to run on a Macbook Pro.

How do I do this please?..as the products are not running on any machine now…

KInd Regards

Install the latest eLCC on the Mac.

Thank you for quick reply…

That worked for Cubase, which installed cleanly and I assume I can follow upgrade path from there…however…

  • GA3 which is Mac/PC version says that I need a Mac OS later than 10.3 - when I am already running 10.6
  • Wavelab which is PC version only, says that my elicence software is too old when I just downlaoded latest version…

any further clues much appreciated

sorry if these are basic questions


update…solved GA3 issue…just stuck with WL5&6

Yes, you would be, since WaveLab 7 is the first version available for Mac. Earlier versions are PC only, so it has nothing to do with the license.

LLuck, Arjan

all solved…local supplier in Australia showed me how lincence key is platform independent and so WL 6 was upgraded
to WL7 no problem as also Cubase 6 upgrade.all installed and going fine…

Many thanks to forum members for key guidelines for new member and novice