PC to Mac Transfer - Cubase 6

Hello Forum,

I recently changed from PC to Mac and was wondering how you transfer your Cubase 6 license over?

Thank you in advance,

Callam :mrgreen:

Unplug it from the PC and plug it into the Mac.

He means the dongle… :wink:


Hi! cheers for the help

I’ve plugged the dongle into the mac and it comes up with an error screen saying the license has already been activated.

Will i need to delete the registation on my pc and reactivate it on my mac??


You only need to plug it in (and maybe make sure you have the latest elicenser software installed), you don’t need t activate anything on the Mac and you don’ t need to delete anything on the old PC

As thinkingcap explained, the license is already installed and registered (this is the purpose of the USB dongle: be able to move your license to any computer, anytime). Install the elicenser and Cubase and plug the dongle. It is simple as that.

Here you can get the latest version:


Thanks Everyone! - got it to work :mrgreen:

One more niggle: How do you fullscreen Cubase 6 on a mac?


You don’t. By design. I mean-you can stretch it as big as you want…assuming you mean teh main window, but Apple’s don’t use Win 3.1 windowing–you get a floating window for every piece. Put it on whatever monitor…

Millions of posts here about how lame the windowing is on the Wintel side…for years…is what it is.

Now, I’ve not tried to run it on X.7+ where apple implemented teh OS level “take over every fricking millimeter of the screen” and swipe to change workspaces. Getting ready to shortly, though…MB Air with 10.7 waiting…so, if you’re specifically asking about how that plays, I don’t know. But, traditional Mac windowing is completely different than Windows windowing. You can’t make either look/act like the other.