PC-users: Dependency on Apple

I’m a PC(Win7) and Android user and i have found that without apple’s QuickTime and Bonjour i could not view videos and connect Cubase iC. This fact drives me mad, because I never needed QuickTime nor Bonjour and you are forcing me to install it. Maybe these 3rd parties are solution for MAC, but for PC it is only annoying. Could you for future sonehow remove those dependencies for PC? (Or just give an option to connect directly with ip+port (i know that someone would need port forwarding etc. but you could give us this option as advanced) and for video player try to use at least WMP/DirectShow rather than QT).
Thank you from Czech Republic,
Tomáš Hejra.


Thanks. Now that I know about this I want it for Android! Not everyone has money to throw away on a very overpriced Apple product.

Off topic:

Cubase iC (remote controller) is avaliable for android.
Maybe I just don’t understand you, but if you install Apple’s Bonjour (the part I hate) on your PC, you can connect from android.
If you are talking about Cubasis for android (independent daw), it does not exist yet and I fully understand developpers because low-latency stable audio on android is really hard to achieve and android developpers don’t give a f**k even it could be done. Apple got point here… sadly…

If there will be any Cubasis for android, I’d like to have support for external usb audio cards like “USB Audio Recorder” for Audio Evolution has and this is even harder to do. :smiley: (But not all android phones support usb host, for example my Samsung S3mini cannot use usb as a host)

Oh thanks. I guess I was looking at an old web page. Still not compatible with my device. Probably my device is too old.


If I wanted to have to deal with Apple, I would be using Logic.


There are plenty of better video-format/video engine that can or could be used inside Cubase/Nuendo then QuickTime movie.
By the way, my personal experience working with film companies, games, TV etc… majority of all Film/TV and game makers are using powerful PCs not MAC today.

Who moved this topic to “Cubase iC Pro” from “Cubase 7 - Feature Request and Suggestions” ? I doubt it is correct, because this post is about BONJOUR and QUICKTIME and not Cubase iC Pro… main problem is forcing PC users installing apple ****ware on Windows due to video and iC functionality. Rlation with iC is less than 33%…

Dobrý den Tomek263!

sorry for the late reply, the topic was most likely moved because the IC Pro is a standalone product and not a feature of Cubase.

Regarding technology choices there is not much I have to comment, but using the IP Address should just work fine.
Regarding the Video Engine its a historical thing, there is no information about future plans available at the moment.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Greetings, Phil!

sorry for my answer, but you might got it wrong… maybe it is partially focused on iC Pro, but JUST on CONNECTION between CUBASE and IC Pro. There is no offense against you, but second part about video engine is useless here in “Cubase iC Pro” thread. Even iC Pro is standalone “app”.

If your engineers will have this in mind and think about it just for a while, I’m ok with it and I’ll not bother you anymore, but I still think that forcing PC users to instal Apple soft. is not the best way :slight_smile: I personally don’t use video or iC Pro just because I don’t wan to install any Apple soft. on PC.


It was a deliberate SB decision a few versions ago to drop support for any Windows only video.

You can use Android iC Pro, without ANY PC Apple software by using a fixed IP address on your PC and specifying that in each iC Pro device at connect time.

Unfortunately, SB forgot to include remembering the IP as an option. How lazy of SB, and how much like sheep do they think we are. I think they think that we are too stupid to know about IP addresses that we need to have a whole Bonjour service installed just to do that small thing.

I disable the Homegroup services in Windows because I don’t want so-called ‘smart’ programs trying to usurp network control.

Well, let me add something over here.

I am searching for a way to remote-control my DAW since 14 years - basically this was the reason I built my studio back those day because I was not able to find a working way to control my home computer in the other house while playing drums in the rehearsalroom… So I built a Soundproof Room in my apartment…

Some time ago I realized that there is this Cubase IR Pro App and I was euphoric big time! The only reason why I NOT installed and tested it ASAP was that on that SKI Page I read that I HAVE TO INSTALL ITUNES on my Windows based DAW.

Though I love my MacBook Pro and my Airbook as well as my iPhone (so I basically love Apple stuff) I will NEVER EVER install iTunes on my Studio DAW (Win7 64bit)… Never ever…

So that was the reason why I not used IC Pro till now… Now I just checked this forum because I wanted to ask if there is a way to install / use SKI without Applestuff… And this brilliant user Patanjali made my day!!

OF COURSE it is obvious that just typing in the IP adress manually will do it… but for that you have to buy/open IC Pro. Not that I mind the 15 bucks in any way, but when I am under the impression that it will not work i will not do it…

So I purchased/installed IC Pro, had a look in my router setup regarding the IP of my DAW - typed it in - DANG - it is working!

And how great it is!!

PLEASE Steinberg - update your page and give us a hint that there is no need to install iTunes on our Win PC when we are willing to type in the IP adress manually instead…


While my ego would love to take credit for this, Philippe Bono had said as much, but maybe not so categorically, 5 posts up:

Then you both made my day :slight_smile:

Just don’t shoot us! (apologies to Dirty Harry)

Interesting. Let me add that you DO NOT have to install iTunes on your DAW to use iC Pro. I would never do this and have never done this. If you actually look at the process - the process of installing Bonjour Print Services - you will see that you can do this independently of iTunes. Bonjour is independent of iTunes and NOT dependent on the install of it.

In my setup, my DAW is on my in home ‘Public’ network - I do not have a ‘Home Group’ connection setup because it does not work as well as the Public network - I tried it.

Another thing, I run an HP Printer here in the house. It is also Wi-Fi based and available to all my Wi-Fi devices via the Bonjour service, and yes, most of those devices are Apple products. The Bonjour program and the Bonjour Print Services program require 1.74 MB and 3.21 MB HD space respectively. However, if you are using QuickTime on your DAW with Cubase, you will also need QuickTime, the Apple Application Support program (which you need for QuickTime), and the Apple Software Update program (which you can disable), which require 70.2 MB, 64 MB, and 2.38 MB of HD space respectively. So all totaled, that’s 141.53 MB of HD space. That’s nothing really, provided your DAW is not taxed by any of it’s operation. (QuickTime requires the most HD space and is the most taxing on the system - but only when it is running, of course. And here I am not sure, in the case of playing video files in Cubase, if we are actually using the full taxing power of QuickTime because we do not have to get on line to use it. Turn off your Wi-Fi if in doubt.)

To summarize, Bonjour is NOT a DAW buster. And to use Cubase with any video operation you have to install QuickTime anyway, you have no choice. I don’t see the problem with using Bonjour - if you install it WITHOUT iTunes, of course - to run the iC Pro app. It connects quickly, automatically and does not tax my DAW.

How can I install Bonjour without iTunes? And if this is possible - why does Steinberg write on the site “you need to install Bonjour - just install iTunes” (or something like that)…

Well, I personally do not mind harddisc space - but I have not a good feeling installing applications which are having background tasks, internet-traffic/updates etc in the background… Maybe I am a little bit too paranoid, but there is still some “Win98” in me - and this part of me is very very very careful regarding installing non-audio random stuff on my DAW…

If you want to just install Bonjour, you will see that it is in the iTunes menu (that will come up as you begin loading the iTunes program) - EXCEPT - IN THIS CASE - you will uncheck the ‘iTunes’ box and check only the ‘Bonjour’ box. I think you will also see Safari, as well. Don’t check that box either.

…Or, go here: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL999

I am pretty sure that Bonjour is 32 bit only, but this link I posted says that this is a 64 bit version. Hm, I may have to try this although it may be more trouble than it’s worth.

Ha, OK, this is the version I am running already. I think that if you run a 64 bit machine it places files in both the X86 Windows Program folder and the 64 bit Windows Program folder.

Thanks to all.

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