PC Windows 7 will not let me install Halion Sonic 1.5.0

When I try to install version 1.5.0 it gives me the following message?

‘The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the windows installer service because the programme to be upgraded may be missing or the update patch may update a different version of the programme. Verify the programme to be upgraded exsisits on your computer and that you have the correct upgrade patch.’

Now I am a little green but I am sure I have downloaded the version for Wiondows 7 and have done this twice.

I have installed 1.5.2 ok but only after the fail on installing 1.5.0 although it does say to make sure you install 1.5.0 first and in that order for some reason so I hope I have not messed anything up by doing that. It is working fine apart from a few glitches.

When I go to properties in Halion Sonic it does not seem to tell me the current version I have installed just to check?

I have a few glitches in Halion like when you go in to the track Halion does not seem to remember the bank the sound was in for that track and i seem to get this after trying to update things i.e. I may have a string sound for the track but the bank are showing drums and perc as if it is showing the last input you made in Halion even though you are on a different track? Also an organ sound I used once 'Glass Tonwheels’I think it was called plays within the track but then strangely powers down as if it has blown up or somethingto reload the sound to be able to hear it again.

I was hoping 1.0.5 would fix these issues. Confused.

have you found a solution ?

have the same problem … canot install the update … the same goes for the sound bank patch …

will simply write to steinberg about that i think …

No solution yet, sorry not been on for a while, just making do at minute. Yes I need to find out the answer to this as I may be missing out on something. Cheers.

Just a ‘bump’ - I’m having exactly the same problem.

I uninstalled and went back to v1.0 direct from the DVD, used both 64-bit and 32-bit versions (I’m on W7x64) just in case the installer was only looking for the 32-bit version (who knows, right?) but get the same error message.

Program updates to 1.5.2 and now 1.6 work just fine but the content does not.

HELP STEINBERG (or just give us a link to the content package files?!?!)