PC without internet connection

How can I install Cubase 7???

The same way everyone else does it: You run the installer…

Ok… I normally active my e-licenser by another pc connected on internet…
But now I read that internet connction and 500 Mb disc space is required for complete installation…


My studio computer is not connected to the internet but has C7 installed and working fine.

Do you install from Dvd or from 7.0.2 ? http://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads/downloads_cubase_7.html

I downloaded the install Cubase 7 and all the updates since on an internet connected computer. I used an usb pen drive and moved the install files to my studio computer.
I also used the internet connected computer to update my e license on my dongle.
It was all very easy.

Ok thanks!

I understand the fear of malware coming through the internet, but if your computer has an internet connection, good AV protection and you don’t use it for browsing the net, you’ll be fine. Never had a single piece of malware/spyware since I switched from mac in 2008.

I’m sure there are still many users like myself who want a lean, solid PC for music and a separate, internet-connected PC for everything else.
Who wants even the slightest risk of malware?
Who wants A/V or firewall trying to update, or doing anything at all, during that crucial take?
I dont want to run a lengthy network cable to my studio nor buy a wi-fi dongle.

You know I’ve even started seeing some Mac software which only runs when it detects an internet connection! That sucks!

Yes exactly. My music computer is my music computer.

I used to feel the same way until another user convinced me to try putting my studio PC online. It’s 1000% better . I still have a separate PC for Internet activity. Nothing is trying to update and all that, I know how to set up programs and stay away from dubious sites, just music sites get visited

You don’t need to fear the Internet if you just have the right knowledge and good judgments.
By the way you still need to update your system thru Microsoft service-update to have a nice and smooth system so you will need Internet at some point.

You can disable the “Local Area Connections” very simple thru just a mouse click in the computer. Then you only being online for updates and activations when you want. Its the same as you physical remove the cable.
If you not engage in porn surfing and that kind of activity its pretty safe even with out any virus program. :wink:

A great virus program without any bad impact of the computer working with music programs are Microsoft Security Essential.

Microsoft Security Essential are 100% free too and very strong protections.

IF I were a MAC user I would be more concern and worried about security risk. Because of very little virus on OSX —>because of small global market share on only 5% on desktop, they users living in “dream world” that their computer are all safe.
Its just the opposite. In fact its open like a book and very easy to hack and take over and steal files. Same with IPhone.
You only need the IP address or more less the phone number of Iphone and you are “in-hacked”, no protections at all.
You can then take, listen, steal files, photos what ever from the Apple device.

PC has much stronger protections because of the long going security problems like virus and Trojans that made the overall OS much stronger and safer thru the years.

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What you can do is from a fresh Windows 7 installation, copy the KB number from the Windows Update control panel app and then search for and download the .msu and .exe files manually, while specifying your OS and/or bit flavor.

You can put them onto a USB stick or CD/DVD for later use on another system after installing them locally.

Note: Windows Update insofar as the local system is concerned, will update the machine when you shut down (if you don’t want to reboot after each single update).

PC has much stronger protections because of the long going security problems like virus and Trojans that made the overall OS much stronger and safer thru the years.

Those hackers trying to change the world!