PC Working Version Of Cubase 11 Pro

When will Cubase 11 be updated so it works on my pc ?
I bought it in December 2020 but, i’m still having to use Cubase 10.5.

Hello! To be honest, I don’t have an answer to that question as we do not make releases tailor-made for one system only. Even more so, if we don’t know the system specs and what exactly does not work.

It is a generic question for pc owners.
Are you suggesting there are no bugs in the pc version of Cubase 11 pro ?

No, of course not.

When will Cubase 11 be updated so it works on a pc ?
I bought it in December 2020 but, i’m still having to use Cubase 10.5.

It works on Windows 10 Pro pc here… What’s not working for you?

The latest bug i found was with the meter colours.
It’s been one thing after another, just bits and bobs that don’t work.
I gave up and went back to 10.5.
I think there’s a bug list somewhere

Your definition of “working” seems to be “everything is exactly as I desire it to be.”

Unfortunately, in real life, that’s not actually how it works. I wish it were, but it isn’t.

Cubase 11 Pro works fine on PCs all over the world. Hit songs on streaming services and movie and TV scores on screens near you are produced with this software. If you can’t find it in yourself to live with whatever the things are that don’t work for you, that’s of course up to you – but I can tell you with certainty, all the other options have their own set of annoyances, too.

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The software is broken because you can’t change meter colours? You sure this isn’t user error?

^^ Make sure you are changing the colours of the correct scale as per yellow circled area on screenshot. Just done it on Win 10 PC and it’s fine.

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The meter colors here look exactly like I set them up.

Cubase 11 is working just fine on tons of PCs worldwide. However your specific PC is having problems running Cubase. There are folks here who can help & advise you on sorting out the causes of your problems. However no one can do that with meaningless descriptions of the issues like “one thing after another”, “a generic question” or “bit and bobs.”

You need to provide enough info for folks to help you. That said I’ll go out on a limb - sounds like, maybe maybe-not, pulling this out of nowhere, during the upgrade your preferences were not automatically copied from 10.5 to 11. If that is what occurred, and right now we have no info to suggest it is beyond simple intuition, then manually copying the files should correct things. Or not?


I use Cubase 11 professionally every day on Windows 10 (latest version) and experience no problems. I even changed the meters back to the original color in under a minute. This thread is highly vague and dramatic.

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