PCI Express to PCI Adapter question?


I’m planning to build a new PC machine and would like to use my Echo Layla 3G PCI card (to save quite a bit of cost!). However, new mobos do not seem to have a PCI slot.
My question is, how well do PCI Express to PCI Adapters work, if at all for audio work, has anyone had any experience with this?

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Have you read this mixed review? Maybe worth trying…

I’ve not tried PCIe to PCI a adapter for an audio card myself, but I tried a PCI to printer port adapter for a Motu midi router last year & never could get it to work. No biggie, I just used the midi outs of the Motu to my sound cards midi in.

Considering future continued use of my own Aardvark audio cards, which won’t work with any OS beyond 32 bit XP anyway, as long as I keep using them I must stick with that. I may as well stay with legacy motherboards with the proper PCI slots too while I’m at it… not a problem using my work-around method of externalizing to beat the XP ram limit, therefore making a 64 bit system unnecessary. It’s a matter of my own priority.

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That adapter is not all that expensive, so when the time comes I might give it a try, it could save me a small fortune as I’m thinking of buying an RME HDSPe AIO card whis is a bit of an overkill, but the quality and low latency (being a PCIe card) is tempting :wink:.

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Did you end up trying this PCIe to PCI Adapter? Really interested in finding out how it works!




After reading many conflicting reports about these adaptors I decided not to bother, bit the bullet and bought the RME AIO card which is great. However, those adapters seem to work ok in some setups.


I find myself in a similar situation - I was going to use my trusty Gina24 PCI (used for over 10 years now) in my new system as well, but, no PCI ports! A shame to jetison a good and reliable card, but I also bit the bullet and, funnily enough, have just bought the RME HDSPe AIO as well! I’ll also need a mic pre, so it’s a bit overkill for me too, but the AIO’s dual digital in/outs will come in very handy.

I’m torn. I have a Motu HD192 and use a PCI 424 card. Just changing to a Mac Pro 5.1 and then I suddenly realised that the MP has 4 x PCIe slots. The Motu is solid but a secondhand ancient pcie Motu 424 card is quite expensive. Espcially considering how old and discontinued this stuff is. Oh, and it will be just like buying it again. Not sure what to do at this point. Get drunk perhaps.

This worked for me:

Thanks but I bought a new Motu PCIe 424 Card. Just can’t be dealing with any instability or wasting potential Money. I’ll sell my PCI card and recoupe some of the Money.