PDF booklet export problem

I’m printing a 14-page score in booklet format, using Dorico’s print settings. If I print directly from Dorico to a printer, it works just fine. But I need to take a PDF file to an outside printer which can handle the page size I need. When I export the file, the page order of the PDF is messed up. I eventually figured out that I needed to manually drag the 2-up PDF pages (which are internally correct) to get them into the right order so that, for instance, 12-5 prints on the back of 6-11 (correct) instead of 7-10 (incorrect).

You have to configure the duplex options (for a ‘real’ printer) appropriately, to get the imposition order you want. Then press “Graphics”.

Thanks a lot. That wasn’t intuitive. When I print from the new correct file, however, the even-numbered pages must be manually rotated 180° to be duplexed correctly. Is this something else I’m missing?

That’s usually a long-edge versus short-edge issue.