PDF Booklet

If one desires to prepare a booklet and export to PDF there is one hidden thing necessary for the pages to duplex properly.
In the Duplex properties shown ONLY when printing with compatible printer.
If the circumstances are right, one can set duplex to „Both sides automatically”, switch to Graphics export and use Booklet job type. Now the pages will be sorted correctly for future duplex printing.

Any plans for changing this?

Just to be clear I understand: you want to be able to export an imposed PDF directly from Dorico, so you would like to be able to set the Duplex Properties when the destination is set to Graphics?

That is correct. In fact, the settings are persistent, so it IS possible to export a booklet if my local printer supports it and I change the duplex settings to auto. It would be great to show this setting on the Graphics tab when the job is set to booklet.

My use case is preparing the PDF at home and sending it by email to a printing house. When the setting is not set - the booklet PDF has pages sorted for manual duplex i.e. all odd pages, and then from the middle of the file - all even pages. That leads to problems when such a PDF is read by a printing house where every machine is usually automatic in terms of duplex handling.