Pdf export as graphic compatibility with affinity

I have some problem when I place pdf (graphics) from Dorico into affinity and want to edit it (double click, once the pdf is paced) with chord diagram
when I place the pdf it’s ok I got this (exerpt of the problem):
pdf1_4 export

but when I want to editthe pdf it on double-click it in affinity the chord diagram becomes like this:

To avoid the problem I must open the pdf exported from dorico into Illustrator and save it in a new version of pdf version 1.5 or plus.
dorico seem to export pdf 1.4 . why? and is it possible to changed it?
Here is the propeties of a dorico pdf exported as graphis:

No, there’s no way to change which version of the PDF specification Dorico uses for export, and it would be immaterial in this case anyway. The issue is obviously to do with how Affinity Designer is interpreting the font information about those characters. As you can see if you view the PDF in e.g. Preview or Adobe Reader, or indeed in Adobe Illustrator, the PDF is valid. You should report this issue to the developers of Affinity Designer.

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I think you are right, but what is strange in my example where I use musefrets, is that If I rewrite the text inside the box in affinity of chord diagramm i.e Uxs31f1 it’s ok.
(I use musefrets font only because I can create chord diagramm without chord symbol)
Anyway, thank you for answering me.

Affinity does take a rather unusual view in their handling of imported PDFs, which has caued various issues over the years. Most of the problems have been ironed out, but some still remain.

You should report it to Serif (the makers of Affinity).


And it’s particularly to do with fonts… at least in my experience, certain things will import just fine (pass through) but the moment you try to edit them, things get weird. In general, my scores from Dorico are fine (at least all the lines and shapes), but if I ever try to import PDFs with plainchant notation from Gregobase, I invariably have problems. Also, sometimes my lyrics will be ok, but if I go to make more granular edits, the metrics are weird once I double click on them. But from what I’ve gleaned from my own observations, and as both Daniel and Ben have said, it’s the weirdness in how AP is interpreting the pdf, not a problem with the PDFs themselves.

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Thank you for your answers…
and indeed after some tests it is the fonts that create problems. For me the best and the fastest would be to be able to re-transform these fonts for example all the chord diagrams created with musFret by doing ctrl+Shift + A then transforming them into Mus Text in the style characters to re-obtain the codes like “Uxs31f1” and then in the exported pdf then imported into affinity just change the font of these elements and bingo!

But can we in Dorico change Charater style at once on a selection of elements? or does it have to be done element by element?

The easiest way is to “outline” the text of the PDF. This is a process of turning the “text character” of “A” into a graphic shape. So it’s no longer text, but only the graphics which that font’s character displays.

Other drawing apps can do this; as can some PDF utilities.

No, at present you cannot change a style for multiple selections at once. I agree this would be a huge advantage.


Thanks! I tried and fine it’s a solution knowing that the weight of pdf becomes much heavier
thanks for your answer and for your musfrets fonts beacause it’s the only solution for the moment (i think) to have chord diagram without chord symbol