PDF Export Font Issue

Hi everybody,

I searched through the forum for this issue and there are quite a few of these topics but none seem to really provide a reliable solution.

I’m having the problem that when exporting a PDF via Graphics export and opening the resulting file in a Adobe/Chrome, some of the fonts get messed up (for instance shown in Italic). I had similar issues before with bold fonts that on PDF export made only parts of letters bold and other parts not.

Interestingly, this behaviour is not consistent. I’m working from a template that I created and in some files the fonts get messed up in PDF and in others they are perfectly fine.

The print preview shows everything correctly:

Opening the exported PDF looks like this:

Does anyone have a consistently working solution for this issue?
(Dorico 3.5.12 and latest Windows 10)

Thanks in advance,

Can you supply an actual PDF to look at?
What font are you using? Is it installed on your system, in both Regular and Italic styles?

I use “Bahnschrift”, the font is correctly installed.

I can provide a PDF, is there a way I can send it to you privately as it is copyrighted material and as soon as I reduce the file to a version without actual music in it the fonts do export fine?


Ok, I found a way to reduce it to a version that still has the problem:
Dorico_test - 01 - CONCERT SCORE.pdf (46.4 KB)

As soon as I delete these dynamic markings, the file exports and shows just fine.

Edit: It seems to have something to do with the italicized characters in the dynamic marking, Bahnschrift doesn’t seem to have a dedicated Italic subset.

Yep. The problem will definitely be that Dorico is synthesising an italic variant that doesn’t actually exist. Characters that don’t exist in the font can’t be embedded in the PDF.

The Missing Fonts dialog should tell you which fonts are affected.

Thanks for the clarification. I swapped it for a similar font that actually has an italic subset.