Pdf export: severe bug?


Exporting pdf (graphics->pdf - mono or color, resolution 72) produces a lot of artifacts (see the attached pdf), like enormous tremolos or beams…
I’ve made nothing strange!

workaround/test: printing trough ‘OS X dialogs’ works as expected.

PdfBugDorico.zip (884 KB)

Yes, there is indeed a bug in PDF export which we found the day after the software was released, and which we have already fixed for the first post-release update.

The basic gist of the bug is that one of the pens (an object that draws lines and other graphics primitives) used for drawing lines on the next page isn’t getting correctly reset after finishing drawing the previous page, with the result that it ends up drawing some objects with the wrong width. Normally the symptoms would be thicker-than-usual staff lines for the first system on a page where the previous page’s last system had a rehearsal mark or enclosed bar number on it, so this is the most extreme case I’ve seen. Fortunately I can confirm that your project exports properly from my current development build of Dorico, so this should be OK in the first update, and as you rightly point out, you have the option of using the OS-provided PDF export in the meantime.