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Hi everybody,

can I wait for a PDF-Export feature in the next Dorico version?

That would be nice :wink:



You should be able to do it already. In the Print area under “Destination”, click on the Graphics button. PDF is one of the options you can select.

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And it’s been there since Dorico v1.0 :slight_smile:

… and if you are on Mac: anything you can print you can save as pdf instead - since decades :slight_smile:

Reading this thread, I’m thinking : yes, it is time for a nice searchable documentation to arrive ^^

Yes a PDF-export function is available in Dorico as mentioned above but one should notice that using “Graphics” and “PDF” will lead to a much better PDF-file than using “Printer” and then “Adobe PDF”.

Notice also that even if the driver name in Dorico is called “Adobe PDF” this is not the same Adobe genuine PDF driver that is installed when you use Acrobat Pro or InDesign or Photoshop. The genuine Adobe PDF driver installed with Adobe products gives a lot of extensive features to help you to produce a professional PDF as required when you work with a printing house.
The Dorico PDF driver (both Printer or Graphic) offers no settings.

In this thread from 25 november 2017 Daniel mentioned that it is on their list of things they plan to add in Print mode:

Hi everybody,
thanks a lot for your hints.

I expected the PDF export in the file menu (as it was in SIB)