pdf names in score order

Is there a way to generate the pdfs with doc names in score order? Right now, pdf doc names come out in alphabetical order… for a big score with many parts, score order would be so much more helpful to composers and publishers. Can this be done automatically? (Another program allows the option to name docs like this: Title-01 partname.doc, Title-02 partname.doc, etc Thx!

Since the Team has said they are working on alphabetizing certain techniques according to the language involved, I imagine that in time you will be able to print or export parts in score order. If they can de-alphabetize the English terms for other languages, I suspect indexing the parts in score order will be possible, mindful of course that some ensembles have different orders than others; so it’s not as simple a change as would be the case if parts always appeared in the same order.

If the program would just create parts in the order they appear in the score, that would be a universal fix. Thx!