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I know there have been some threads on printing and output, but I still have a problem outputting a PDF (or any other graphics) formatted for B4. This is clearly an option in Dorico Page Setup. It is not supported by my own printer, but is an option in my OS Page Setup, so I can format PDFs in B4 using Adobe. The OS Page Setup options don’t appear in Dorico print/export. Simply exporting the PDF anyway, it comes out in the A format, even when I select the B5 printer option (which is supported). It does not seem possible to select a page format when exporting a PDF? Is there something I am missing?

If you export a PDF via the graphics export (as I would always recommend in Dorico), the resulting file follows the Format specified in Lay-out options for the particular layout.


Thanks. That is certainly what I have read: but it does not seem to be what I am experiencing.
See attached screenshots and PDFs: one PDF page rendererd by Dorico, and a frontispiece rendered by Adobe Acrobat, which certainly appears to be B4 format, as intended.
Any thoughts?

I can’t see a frontispiece in Acrobat above.

Bear in mind two things:

  1. The Page Preview in Print mode is “not to be trusted”. Just Export the graphic, and it should be the correct size.

  2. The “Page Setup” dialog on macOS shows the paper sizes available for the current printer. There are some OS default sizes, if you don’t have a printer – but remember that “there is B4, and there is B4”.
    ISO B4 is 250 x 353mm, as you have there. “Japanese B4” (sometimes labelled “B4 JIS”) is 257 x 364mm.

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Just make sure that you don’t use Print-to-PDF drivers or anything, but really use the graphics export. Ignore the page format shown on the right side in graphics export (its greyed out anyhow)

Thanks for all this info. When you say ‘Graphics Export’ you mean from the Print mode, pressing the Export button bottom right? - as for the setup in the attached screenshot?
This is what I am doing - the PDF output is definitely not formatted for B4. See my previous PDF uploads to compare. I’d there still something I am doing wrong?

Sorry - PDFs did not seem to upload. Here they are.
Fictive_title_B4.pdf (75.1 KB)
Page1 - Fictive Music.pdf (85.7 KB)
Fictive_title is an MSWord document, saved as a PDF, so not generated in Dorico.

Your Page1-Fictive Music pdf is in fact formatted for B4. Here are the dimensions when I open it in Acrobat.

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The page from Dorico is 25.02 x 35.32 cm, which is ISO B4.

The page from Word is 25.71 x 36.4 cm, which is Japanese B4.

Because most printers are made in Japan, printer drivers tend to include only Japanese B sizes. Here’s my HP 5200, which shows JIS B4, at the larger size. (From Word’s “Page Setup” dialog.)

(The “Envelope B5” size listed is in fact ISO B5.)

If “true” ISO B4 is not listed, then you’ll need to create a Custom size for Word to use.

JIS B series is 1.5 larger than the equivalent A series; ISO B series is the geometric mean between two adjacent A sizes, you’ll be pleased to know.


Thanks both - that all now makes sense. I wasn’t entirely accurate in my earlier measurements, so sorry for the wrong assumption. I have now looked more carefully at the measurements. So, all is well, and I will proceed to print. Thank you for taking the time to sort through this with me!