PDF printer goes nuts when custom image is part of the score

PDF printer goes nuts when custom image is part of the score
I’m sure this did work in the past. (I’ve created concert harp pedal settings as image in the past)
But in Cubase 10.0.60 (I didn’t bother checking 10.5) as soon as a custom image (jpg black and white) has been added in the score the page on screen looks perfect but printing to pdf with any pdf printer results in a corrupt pdf or crashing printer
Windows 10 2004

This is indeed a bug.

Custom images do not work anymore for printing. (on Windows at least)
Every page containing imported image(s) is simply skipped when printing!

Besides, the transparency setting does not work for images.

Steinberg is aware of the issue.
But … :cry:

I’ll leave hit here then, thanks for the reply.
Same as the mixing console mouse offset , the sloppy dpi handling dialogs with controls missing, the numerous workarounds - somehow Cubase UI does not trigger my “pro” feelings anymore that much - sad thing to admit. But I’ll give it one more chance in the next release…

If it helps the developer: If you know how to enter a filename in the missing filename box of the “Export scores” dialog, you can export the score page as .bmp with the custom symbols in it okay. But this means you have to do that with every page of the part and full score and bundle them all in a pdf. And hope nothing changes after that. Need to hire somebody to do that.
I figure that’s about 500+ pages in my current assigned gig.

This is actually something I never understood… There is not much point in exporting single pages. It’s a Hassle and I imagine it’s not very useful. Devs should consider working on this an not rely on 3rd parties pdf exporters.

BTW, if you are on Windows, have you tried printing to a virtual printer? does the issue persist? it’s a good alternative to pdf exporting, and it works fine here

Still not fixed in Cubase 11 unfortenately → What can I do to insert concert harp pedal setting icons?
:bulb: I could try to turn all my .svg stuff into a font and then insert, but would that work in a pdf? -