PDF with margins and Frame


how can I get my parts in Band format on a DINA4 page with margins or frame in the PDF file?

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Export graphic as pdf takes the page size chosen in Layout options (make sure you select all the parts layouts to edit them all in one go)>page setup.
No settings in Print mode apply to these page sizes.

Tried it in graphic mode: you can see it on the screen, but the export in the PDF is band format without any frame or margin.

By the way: when you switch to mono, it shows colors on the screen anyway…


To manipulate PDF’s like this I’d use a PDF program such as Affinity Publisher or InDesign or NitroPro, or countless others. I would not expect to do this type of publishing layout inside Dorico. My personal view.

What is band format by the way? What dimensions?


I expect (and love this function for Marching Band) because in Sibelius it’s in!

The goal is to have a Booklet in Band format printed on both sides on DINA4 - as before in Sibe…

If you were going to be printing din4, why didn’t you set up the page to be that size? If you had it would scale properly.

Also, do note that sometimes the preview in the graphics export dialogue is not accurate; export the pdf and check it in a pdf viewer. If it really does need to be scaled and you don’t want to risk having to re-engrave everything, then use the pdf batch scale converter offered by notation central.

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I should have clarified: the reason the preview may look wrong is if your printer is set to letter rather than 5x7. Changing to a 5x7 paper size (if you have it) should correct the preview. Otherwise, just export the pdf and it will still be correct without the margins. This is one little issue with dorico that needs addressing as the previews are confusing if you don’t know beforehand that it will still export correctly.

When you export PDFs from Dorico, each page will always be at the size specified in Layout Options. The exception is when you choose a 2-up, spreads or booklets setting from the Job Type section of the right-hand options panel in Print mode, in which case Dorico will use a page size that is twice the width of the layout’s page size.

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