Peak/clip marker track

Thought this might be convenient for those of us staying up late making minor revisions just to master volume and dynamics.

While playing in real-time, it’d be excellent to be able to have a track (like the Tempo track, Chord track, etc.) that displays peak levels and clipping signals in the master bus and flags their locations in a region that’s user-selected, like the duration of your track or multiple regions like every few bars, a certain few bars, or what-have-you. That way, when you’re playing your song back and the master bus clips, a flag is automatically put there so you know where to make a smart judgment call on how to proceed (compression/limiting, volume automation, track separation with EQ, etc). Furthermore, with user-selected regions, it would show the region’s peak volume (bars 1-16 display -11dB, bars 17-20 display -5dB, bars 21-36 display +0.3dB and a flag is placed at the exact location of the clipping signal, and so on).

Does this seem like a neat idea to anyone else? It would save me a solid hour or two on some mixes, make my workflow that much more seamless. :wink: