Peak/Clipping Histogram

It would be incredibly useful to have a Peak Histogram feature, maybe as right-click feature on the VU meters which would bring up a horizontal window (maybe with a scroll bar) which displays peak levels by time… instead of having to play the track back to figure out where it was.

Clicking on a Peak in the histogram would take you and the locator to where that Peak occured, and maybe even tell you the exact fader adjustment required to avoid clipping.

+1 this is a very good and practical idea that would save a lot of time.

It would also be useful during tracking in situations, to be able to quickly find any section that clipped and punch in over the clipped section.

Yes, it could monitor both input or output.

Be great if you could export to markers as well.

What about a whole Clip Histogram track from the add track menu. When added in the arrange window it shows markers where clipping occurs and names the markers with the name of the track that is clipping in real time. Holds the info until manually reset like the mixer clipping or can be set to reset automatically on record.

Yes this could work to, maybe it could be integrated into already existing Project Overview (alt-O) which I never use.