Peak Indicators

Was just told by an informed source -on audio in-general, not on Steinberg or the UR44- that the peak indicator lights on the UR44 directly correspond to the channel meters within the DAW. I use Cubase Pro 8.5
Can anyone confirm this?
I’ve been positioning the unit next to Cubase screen, so this would mean one less thing for me to watch for, especially good when I’m the one singing.

If so, why didn’t they say that in the user manual? There’s no mention of channel meters in the whole manual:
“Setting optimum recording levels
The [PEAK] indicator lights in response to the level of
input signal. To set optimum recording levels, increase
the input level with the [INPUT GAIN] knob until the
[PEAK] indicator lights in red, then slowly bring the level
down until the indicator lights slightly when the input
level is at maximum.”

First off, there isn’t really a good reason to run the UR44 preamps near the peak level. They are clean solid state preamps that do not add color when pushed. The peak indicator lights are there to make sure you are not overloading them. Which is a total no-no…

I have no idea if the input level of UR series interfaces correlate accurately with Cubase input levels, but that actually doesn’t matter. As long as you have good level inputs into Cubase (looking for average of -18dBFS) then you can raise the gain later. This could change if you were to use a preamp that actually does change tone when pushed heavily. Then you would possibly need to lower the input fader in Cubase Pro versions (the red ones at left of the mixer if selected to show). I have rarely even had the need to do so myself.

Hope this helps Mark. :slight_smile:

All the articles and courses that I’ve seen since starting this recording project last winter say don’t run ‘hot’ especially now we are in 24bit. Which is partly what started my search for a definitive scale on the UR44, if equipment is designed to run at -18, how do I find that on the UR44…? Maybe the lights are actually calibrated to -18 for the ‘just lighting’ and -10 to -6 for peak red? Then the manual would make sense.
I am taking your advice, in the meantime, of course. Take the gain on the UR44 down from peak light, until I can’t make it lite at all even on purpose. Once I’m inside Cubase I can adjust from there.
Thanks much jimmy

As far as I know, any interface is supposed to be calibrated at line level as far as output level is concerned. The/any DAW should take that input as -18dBFS, or near that anyway. What the peak level (light indicator) indicates is likely not accurate anyway as transients (especially drums) will likely peak before the light on the interface even detects peak levels. This is why I say that you should not even be near peaking on any interface.

Bottom line is that you only need to get a good level to your DAW. No need push a clean preamp to get levels up. Doing that in software later is your best bet bro.