Peak Limiter setting after resampling plug in

I know it’s good practice to insert a limiter in the master section BEFORE resampling…The output is usually set at -0.01. Also required is the peak limiter AFTER resample before dither. However, it has been said in these forums that resampling (24 bit to 16 bit) might cause some overs during rendering… Wavelab has a simple peak limiter that should be placed BRFORE dither. Perhaps the output of the simple peak limiter output should also be set at -0.01 to catch any small “overs” before dithering. Any comments on settings of the peak limiter? which limiter could be used before dither?

It’s not just the WaveLab Resampler that causes peak-level increases. The iZotope Resampler has a “Post-Limiter” setting that you can enable. See attached.

That said, I don’t trust it at all. The peak-level change is way too dependent on the program material and what limiter is used before the Resampler, and its settings.

Plus, we are not always resampling audio that is so close to the digital ceiling where this fraction of a dB increase matters, so having the Reasmpler adjust the level in those cases wouldn’t be ideal, and anything else would just be guessing.

I much prefer to analyze the post-Resampled version and then decide if and what processing needs to occur to avoid any peaks that hit or exceed digital zero, if any before I render my final master files. Sometimes they exist, sometimes they don’t. Sometime I address them, sometimes I don’t.

My favorite limiter for addressing them is Tokyo Dawn Limiter 6 GE. The reason is because you can turn off all the processing aside from the True-Peak Limiting and then listen to the “Delta” of that to decide if it’s doing more harm than good.

Note that WaveLab’s own PeakMaster is also good for the task, because it does not change audio at all (no processing), but around an over-peak when one is detected.


This is good to know, I just haven’t had time to look into that one. With the Tokyo Dawn version having a Delta option, it makes it easy to hear and see what it’s catching.

Thanks to all for the answers … I am currently using Wavelabs peak master after the resample. It’s simple and I hope, effective. I also listen to the tunes … I’m just not sure if these small “overs” will will cause problems. Good to know about Tokyo Dawn…