Pedal bug with external Keyboard

Pressing the sustain pedal of the MIDI keyboard controller allows keys play just once, then there is no sound until you take off the sustain. Please fix this bug! For me, I cant’t use Cubasis without solving this problem!

Yea this sustain pedal bug renders Cubasis pretty useless to me. What a waste of $50

I purchased Cubasis along with Auria when they both first appeared in the App Store. Having used Cubase on the Atari ST for many years my expectation on performance of the Ipad version was exceptionally high considering that the Ipad technology is light years ahead of that of the original Atari ST. Todate I have not been able to use the Ipad version because it has serious performance limitations when matched against that of the original Atari ST version. The limitation includes the inability to send Control messages to external keyboards including program changes etc all which were a breeze on the Atari. Another major flaw is the fact that I cannot use the sustain pedal because its use inhibits multiple inputs of the same note while the pedal is depressed. This poor implementation of MIDI is an insult to the excellent Steinberg reputation gained over decades. We have numerous Apps that offer Audi multi track recording ( Auria being an excellent example ) but we do not have a high performance Combined Midi / Audi App that can be used professionally on this platform. I am baffled why the IPAD Midi implementation on Cubasis is so bad considering the pedigree of Steinberg. Perhaps someone should take an Atari ST to the current Steinberg software engineers and show them how this low tech hardware used to perform. Steinberg please note the criticism being levied at this App and put more effort into bringing it to a high standard.


I too have this same problem, what a waste of £34!! :imp:

@Oliver, another member pointed out to me that this looks like it’s been fixed here: [url=]viewtopic.php?f=183&t=52630

I haven’t been able to use this latest release since I haven’t had band rehearsal (the only place I record MIDI on Cubasis) since I was aware of it. I hope this works for us!

The first release of Cubasis had also problems with the sustain pedal. The first update seemed to have solved this problem. But after some updates it started again and after the latest update the sustain pedal has become completely useless: the rendering of key off events does not work in a proper way. There are many complaints related to this issue on the forum. It would be nice when some ‘Steinbergian’ would respond to the posts in an open way because every keyboard player need this function to work properly.

This bug is very frustrating. I can only record audio from another app rather than midi if I want to use sustain

Very disappointing since I thought cubasis would be my go to keyboard midi recorder

This bug still exists as of 1/14/2014. Like other users comment, this renders Cubasis completely useless to any serious keyboard player. Dropping this and switching back to Auria.

Is issue this solved with the new 1.7.2 update?

I just downloaded the latest version yesterday (1/25) and the problem is still there. I was hoping that Steinberg would have fixed such an obvious error within 30 days of it’s first posting. I can only assume they are working on it, but I agree, why no response from Steinberg to at least acknowledge they are aware of it and working on it? Frustrating! :imp:


we are aware of this. This problem should be solved with the automation update (v1.8).

It’s the music to my ears! :smiley: That’s the major thing which prevents me now to rely fully on Cubasis in my music creation.

We have to wait some longer then. :cry:

Glad it will be solved.