Pedal (CC 64) doesn't import with MIDI?

I created a sequence in Digital Performer and exported a standard MIDI file. Some of the parts contain sustain pedal (CC 64), which I expected Dorico to take into account when importing the MIDI file. Instead, all of the notes in these tracks are too short; the pedaling is completely ignored.

Doesn’t Dorico know to extend the notes using the pedal events? I can’t possibly be expected to adjust the durations of hundreds of notes, simply because Dorico is ignoring CC 64.

How do I fix this?

What are you expecting Dorico to do? Change the notated durations of the notes to make them join up, or create pedal lines from the CC64 data? Dorico does attempt to import the CC64 data as automation data in Play mode, but unfortunately there is a bug in that area that we have yet to address. But it won’t change the notated durations of the notes or indeed create pedal lines based on CC64 data.

I was hoping Dorico would change the durations of the notes, because that’s what the pedaling does. (This is not a piano part with pedaling marks; it began as a MIDI track in which CC 64 was used to extend the notes to the desired length.)

In hindsight, I fully understand why that interpretation of CC 64 should not be the default behavior. But it would be nice if there were at least an option to select a track (or a portion thereof) and choose Extend Note Durations Using CC 64 Events. By doing so, any notes whose ends fall between a CC 64 On (to the left) and CC 64 Off (to the right) would be extended to a logical duration just before the Off event. (There might even be a sensitivity slider to shorten or lengthen all relevant notes en masse, to compensate for discrepancies.) :blush:

It would be a massive time-saver! I hope you’ll consider this feature request.


Does DP have a note-off quantize feature? If so, run that and export it again.

Note-offs are quantized to the nearest division of the edit grid, not to the placement of CC 64 events.

OK, was just an idea. CuBase has some interesting note-off quantization stuff going on that can close spaces between notes (or even overlap them a bit for legato effects). If DP has something similar it could save you a bit of time if you run into the situation again.