pedal control?


pedal for sustain is cc 64 , and as I’ve seen that it is on and off (127-0)

any way to limit the the “on” value for less than 127 when i press the pedal?

btw I’m using org pa3x

cubase 9 pro


Hi you,

what exactly are you trying to achieve?

If you want to convert the value 127 in cubase to a lower value this can be done by the midi-input transformer.

But maybe I can provide better help as soon as I understand what you are actually trying to achieve.

BR, Ernst

Most basic damper pedals are just on/off switches that only transit 0 (off) and 127 (on) values. CC 64 is recognized as follows: 0 - 63=OFF, 64 - 127=ON. To transmit continues values you need a ‘half pedaling’ unit like for instance Roland RPU-3 or you can maybe program a knob or slider on your PAx3 to send out CC64 messages.


Simply a plugin have two harmonics options "i want the the first one "trying to use pedal while playing so i keep my left hand on the pitch bend .

I tried after recording to edit the value of the pedal in cubase and it works after decreasing it .

I’ll check that roland pedal… nice idea for mapping to knob or fader but i need my left hand on the pitchbend

Ah I see - if you want the pedal to transmit more than the two discrete values you need a half-damper pedal or stick to manual editing.

Cheers, Ernst