Pedal line centering

In Engraving Options there are these two options:
Center retake

However, I do not see an option to center the beginning and ending of a pedal bracket like this:
Centered pedaling

Is this positioning possible without adjusting each pedal indication in Engrave Mode?

No, there’s no way to do that using the Engraving Options provided, John.

You might consider using a horizontal line instead, like this:

You can use the Horizontal start position and Horizontal end position properties to specify that the note should be centre-aligned with the noteheads at the start and end.

Thank you very much, Daniel. That works well for individual pedal lines that need centering. I will adjust the line thickness to match the pedal line thickness.

The various Lines have proven to be very helpful. The vertical single-hooked lines are excellent as right and left hand brackets because the vertical line is adjustable in length.

Dorico definitely needs a few extra options for fine-tuning of placement of items like piano pedals.
There are lots of items that are placed… strangely, by Dorico. Too far to the right of a note is an all-too-common occurrence.
The team should definitely consider adding more file/program specific fine tuning options for items.

With a very large score it can get a TINY bit tedious to have to constantly resort to Engrave mode to adjust placement of items, when that placement should be an available default.

Ideally, one would be able to set a general Engraving option to place the pedal line hooks on the left side, middle, or right side of the note heads. But then in Write Mode, one would be able to override this to pull the hooks manually so they would fall into one of those three “slots” as needed. This latter resource is needed to show very precise uses of the sustaining pedal, which is useful in educational settings.

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