Pedal Line Label in Brackets (Ped.)

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 17.24.18.png
Quick question: my piano piece has a pedal sustain throughout, for which I’ve included pedal retakes where necessary, however after changing from Galley view to Page view, I see the (Ped.) on the line but it appears at random (twice at the start of the bottom line of measures and once at the top of a page. My guess is that this should be indicated at least at the top of every page? What is the standard practice for this? How do I make the adjustments to the location of the label?

If you don’t really need to indicate the pedaling explicitly throughout the piece, it may be sufficient to show how to pedal one or two phrases, then add the text “sim.” following that last pedal line, leaving the remainder up to the performer.