Pedal Lines Disappearing

I think I might’ve found a bug unless this is an obscure engraving rule I’ve yet to learn.

When writing for piano, if you remove the top staff, all systems after the initial system where the staff was deleted will not show pedal lines but will pretend as if they’re still there.

Go into Dorico, create a new solo piano project, select all of the measures, then create a pedal line; delete the top system in the middle of the score and now watch as your pedal line magically disappears (but it’s still there just invisible for some reason).
Does anyone know why this happens?
example.dorico (490.8 KB)

Welcome to the forum, @aschei. This is not a bug, but it’s definitely unhelpful behaviour! For various boring technical reasons, pedal lines attach to the top staff of the piano, so when the top staff isn’t shown, the pedal lines aren’t shown either. This is something we want to address in future. In the meantime, if you need to hide a staff, try to hide the lower staff rather than the upper one (you can of course use a clef change if necessary).