Pedal marks with instrument changes

Hello — In the attached example: one player is handling piano and celesta. After playing a few chords, the pedal should be held through a number of empty bars.

In the piano part, this works great: select the passage and the empty bars that follow, and add a pedal line, which continues through the rests.

But in the screenshot phrase, the pedal line is cut off by an instrument change, the “To Celesta” indication.

I am aware that developers have already taken note of the request to have the option of Instrument Changes appearing later, upon entry. But does anyone have a suggestion for a workaround in the meantime — a way to have the pedal line displayed in the score through the empty bars?

Many thanks!

You could try forcing the instrument change to happen later by adding a chord symbol region (an item that prevents instrument changes) to the piano staff for as long as the pedal line lasts.

Thank you: That’s the solution I’ve been looking for!