Pedal not shown

In this example below I wanted to put a pedal for this bass note, but it is not shown (also not in engraving mode). However, it does play as expected in playback. Where can I find the pedal sign I’ve inserted?

There was a post in April where a pedal line had somehow become hidden and was causing a multi-bar rest to not consolidate properly.

To make the hidden pedal line show, the method used was to select the whole bar, invoke Edit > Filter > Pedal Lines, and then press alt+shift+left arrow.
Try that. It might help (or it might not).

If it doesn’t help, post the project here, or a cut-down version which contains the troublesome section, and it can be examined by others to see if the problem can be rectified.

Unfortunately it didn’t help. I cannot also delete the pedal, if I wanted to…

As you’ve got at least one extra stave here, it’s possible you’re running into the problem described here:

If you can share your Dorico project file, someone might be able to dig into it and confirm.